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Dr. Amin's Pathology Laboratory (' APL ' or 'the Lab' ) was established in October 1979 by Late Dr. B.M. Amin (Father) and his two pathologist sons Dr. Praful B. Amin ( Elder son) and Dr. Anil B. Amin ( Younger son ). It is situated in prime commercial area of Bombay -Tulsiani Chambers at N ariman Point. After demise of Dr . B.M. Amin and emigration of Dr. Anil B. Amin to Norway in 1982, Dr. Praful B. Amin is running the laboratory as Managing Partner, under partnership act;

Dr. Amin' s Pathology Laboratory today has an excellent reputation and is considered to be one of the best in India, for quality of reports as well as services. It has got steady clientele of patients for several generations.

Main Laboratory is situated at Nariman Point and has one collection center at Opera House and another one at Chamber. Many technicians do house visits for patients in suburban regions.

APL's main Lab at Tulsiani Chambers, Nariman Point covers 2000 sq.ft. of area and is owned by the partners. In 1997 APL rented an additional 200 sq.ft. area located next to its main Lab ( on rental basis Rs. 20,000/=per month plus Electricity charges) to expand its immunology department. APL has sampte collection center ( 500 sq.ft. area ) situated at Opera House under rental basis ( Rs. 18,600/= per month) for the last 22 years. APL also has sample collection service at Chembur which is run by a former employee.

APL has menu of over l00 tests. However it does not have facility for Histology, Cytology, Blood Bank, PCR and Flow Cytometry .It caters to on an average 150 patients per day and performs around 1560 tests per day. It has a staff of around 45 employees out of which around 20 are technicians.

APL takes pride in being the first private laboratory to be computerised in 1979. Today it takes pride in using LAN ( Local Area Network) to interface most of its key equipments. Heavy investment is made to develop in-house sophisticated software with facility to transfer reports electronically anywhere. in the world. APL also uses bar- coding system for patient samples.

APL has acquired some of the best and the latest equipments ( list of which is attached herewith) investing more than Rs. 35 million ( including reagent rentals) over the last six years.

APL has potential capacity to accept 2 -2.5 times more work without major addition in the staff or equipment.

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