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Bangalore Allergy Centre is located in center part of Bangalore in Karnataka State, South India. It is dedicted to the field of Allergy & Applied Immunology and working for the sustenance and maintainace of the Health Related Quality of Life among the population who are suffering from Allergies of various organs in ones life.

The Centre was inaugurated and dedicated to service in the year 1980 (January) by ProfD.N.Shivpuri, Director of Patel Chest Institute, New Delhi and the name of the center was nominated as per his suggestion. He was the first man to introduce the branch of Allergy in the field ofMedicine in India and established the Allergy Research Division at Patel Chest Institute and he was popularly known as father of Allergy in lnida. Govt. Of India recognised his services and awarded the prestigious B.C.Roy award.He was the fIrst man to work on Parthenium hysteroporous, House dust mite and Tylophora Indica and insect inducing inhalant allergies in India.

From the time of inception, Bangalore Allergy Centre is engaged with on-going research in the field and published few papers in the field in International conferences and in National conferences. Its main objective is to give a better management and patient education in the field of Allergy and dedicated to serve the suffering folk and alleviate the pain from Allergies, which needs specialized technical skill and timely application.

Man is protected from the variable environments by its adopation in the body which is known as Immunity to lead a healthy life. The immune system is contributed by several group of cells with various functions and produce the antibodies to keep the immune system in rhythem and maintain the healthy status of the man.

Allergy disorders is entirely based on the immune system and the people who are suffering from allergies are commited to react to the environment than to accept the environment. The changes in the environment is well recognised with these people and does not accept by the immune system and react accordingly and exhibit the reaction in various organs of the body and in the process the allergy manifest in different organs with establishing the allergy disorders.1n the process of this inducing allergy the antibodies are produced by the immune system which are well known as IgE. To produce these antibodies, the environment should have antigens, which can produce antibodies in the immune systems which are commonly known as inhalants like Pollens, Fungal spores, Insects, Mites, Animal danders, Grain dust and various micro particles with property to induce antibodies in the immune system. Ingestants like food, drugs and chemicals and injectables like drugs or the venoms and vaccines, contactants like air borne paticles from the plants and other man induced environments.

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