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Dr.SALAHUDDIN KHAN TAREEN (Orthodontist) was started this DENTAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE in the year of 1972. Clinic was among first ever-started five clinics in Bangalore. Dr. Salahuddin who has worked as associate professor and head of the department on Dental Surgery in St. John’s Medical College and St. Marthas Hospital, Bangalore for 15 years of service. He is the panel dental surgeon in INDIAN AIRLINES, HUDCO, BHEL, ISRO, KUDERMUKH IRON STEEL CORP. and MELOM. In this clinic along with orthodontist facility others specialized doctors are working and giving good treatment in all aspects of dentistry. Clinic having sophisticated equipment and skilled doctors.

Description of Clinic:

We offer quality dental services to the needs of all clients in case of critical or complicated cases, specialist can be consulted. Quality dental service is given to all patient in reasonable and affordable service fees. We conduct free dental checkups and treatment camps. Our dental clinic timings are forenoon 9.30 a.m. to evening 6.30 p.m.

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