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FUEL CONSERVATION AND POLLUTION CONTROL CORPORATION as the name itself states a cause and a need for better environment is committed to the same. One such effort has been proved by the head of technical division, when he developed a device called " "Engine Power Complete combustion technology - The latest technology of the millennium".


New device to curb pollution, glide with power & increase in fuel efficiency 20% in AUTOMOBILES (PETRO/DIESEL) The love & craze for new vehicles with more power & better fuel efficiency is evident throughout India but what about old vehicles giving less mileage & miserably failed auto emission test?

DEVELOP YOUR CAR ENGINE BY SPENDING Rs.4/- PER DAY & SAVE THE HEART (ENGINE) OF YOUR AUTOMOBILES B. K. DUTTA, has invented a new device AUTOSHIELD, which is al set to give you trouble free ride even in your old vehicles on the verge of retirement with a challenge. Glide with power smooth engine, ideal for AC cars (PETROL/DIESEL) for great chilling with cool engine (overheating problem will be vanished). Drive at 20 to 30 km speed on top gear AC on, smooth drive, less gear operation, light & smooth carbon free engine life which is an alternative of MPFI system, the present Automobiles industry standard without going for a brand new model. Product Autoshield has been very economically priced having 4 years life & 1 year warranty. The device is on launching paid in MUMBAI & MAHARASHTRA after successful launching in Kolkata and it has been tested and tried for more than a year in MUMBAI CITY.

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