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"Manufacture & supply of edible / industrial grade salts"

Company Profile

Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd.(GHCL) was commissioned in March 1988, at a cost of US $220 million at Sutrapada, Gujarat. The plant manufactures high-grade dense and light soda ash, for domestic and international use.

GHCL is distinguished by its growth, financial performance and outstanding people and processes.GHCL is a customer- focused company committed to leadership through quality. We strive for building trusting relationships, encouraging entrepreneurship and sharing prosperity.

Mission of GHCL is to be a multi-product company manufacturing chemicals, industrial raw materials and other products, using modern technology and serving domestic and international markets.

The Plant

GHCL Plant has a production capacity of 525000 MT per annum with capability to convert about 250000 MT to Dense Ash. The major raw materials – salt, limestone and power are all captivity produced. The state of art Plant is ably supported by its Process Engineering and R&D, which is staffed by some of the country’s best technical brains. Industrial restructuring and technology up gradation are taken up periodically as part of the company’s belief in ‘continuous improvement.


To keep the staff Quality driven and highly motivated, GHCL has adopted Total Quality Management (TQM) as a corporate way of life. Because this people centred approach to doing business gets people to contribute there fullest.

This TQM journey took GHCL to ISO 9002 Certification.

International technology from AKZO

World leader in soda ash technology, AKZO Nobel of The Netherlands have transferred their technical know-how to GHCL. GHCL plant was the largest set up in the world using the AKZO’s dry liming technology. After AKZO’s own plant. The impact of this technology is substantial in that it saves raw materials, utilises and re-uses energy from waste stream. It also assures pollution standards well within the statutory norms. This ensures a world-class product conforming to the highest international quality standards.

The Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association has conferred the 1993 Novel and Complex Technology award to GHCL for the first time in India having a wide spread impact on Chemical Industry and Economy.

Key Domestic Customers


Consumed by all major Indian Detergent Manufacturers as also small-scale producers. To give a few names, Hindustan Lever Limited, Ghari Detergent Group, Fena Group, Hipolin, Kishore Group, Pee Cee Cosma and Goramal Hariram Limited.


GHCL’s Soda Ash has already created a niche in the Indian Market. The product has also carved out a significant niche in the export market.

GHCL’s Soda Ash is exported to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Nepal, Banglades

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