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With a humble suggestion for the appointment in the post of visiting medical consultant in the essential, contemporary and growing field of HIV-AIDS and related diseases like hepatitis. A typical and MDR tuberculosis - especially as a mixed meningo-viral encaphalopathy due to tuberculosis bacterial and fungal etiology, MAC related to gastro intestinal diseases, parasitology, virology, mycology, clinical immunology etc... with special reference to the cases found in due process of investigations and management in all specialities and super-specialities in your hospital and as outdoor referral cases in future to our department.

Now a days it is becoming more relevant and a very common con-commitant detection of HIV+vity in many of the intensive medical cases, seriour patients in neurology, respiratory diseases, gastro-enterology, severe diabetes, malignancies, immuno-compromised states, bad STD cases, recurrent and peri-anal-pathologies, many pre-terminal and comatose patients, pregnant mothers and the pediatric population out of these afflicted mothers both on out-patient as well as on indoor-basis, there by this medical super-speciality medical institutions like yours where cross reference and speciality medical opinions a must in this vast field.

This is the field where i have worked very hard personally for more than one decade as my first patient dates back practical, bed-side and first hand knowledge and experience academic practical, bed-side and first hand knowledge and experience of dealing and treating all forms and kinds of this disease right from stage I i.e. most initial sero-conservation state-upto-pre-terminal and terminal cases - in these last 11 years of parcticein more than 2300 odd cases including issuing many aids related death certificates too. In my practice many cases have now become a chronic manageable disease with all-round-comprehensive medical and supporting therapy on regular basis. Thus i feel very confident to treat and manage this so called dreaded-disease which is practically a superior speciality now. We can take the pioneer leadership in this sunrise field of internal medicine - at our prestigious hospital and research centre to be torch bearer in this very important and essential global health concern, for which even the Government and mutli-lateral - national and international assistance and tie ups are also available both in clinical and therapeutic fields as well for research based activities of which i have first hand knowledge and experience so that we can gain a very high prestigious national and international status. Now the only requirement is to create a very sound scientific and work-cum result-oriented medical platform to which i am fully committed, and dedicated with missionary and visionary zeal.

So respected sir - kindly give me a patient and an opportunity to discuss and to be interviewed by you.

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