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Company Profile

Kenkere Dental & Implant Centre is a top quality private general dental practice centrally located in the City of Bangalore. We focus on the concept of 'Teeth for Life'. We specialize in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, advanced restorative dentistry (prosthodontics, including implants) and preventative dental treatment.

State of equipment including :

  • Fibre Optics
  • Digital Imaging
  • Intra Oral Video Cameras
  • Sterilization

    In our Dental Office we have the state of art equipment.

    Digital Tray System with images that are clean, clear with outstanding diagnostic quality. In the blink of an eye, images are acquired with upto a 90% reduction in radiation versus films.

    Intra Oral Video Camera

    It is a high resolution camera which capture full face, smile, arch and single tooth images on to the computer to check before and after treatment.


    All effort is made to keep the clinic clean and hygenic. Hand Instruments, Scaler tips, Drills and Root Canal (profiles) are cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner and later sterilized in a state of the art autoclave to kill all bacteria, virus including HIV viruses. Disposable used in the clinic are injections, plastic glass, suction tips and pairs of gloves. We do not compromise in the quality of dental material. We belive in quality of dental practice not mass dental practice.

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