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"Foremost-pioneer institute in postal courses of astrology"

Company Profile

PUNE is the city of “Education”, - Polical Social and Educational, which highlighted pune all over the world.

Astrology is an ancient science of our country and to preserve the science of Astrology. Scholars came together and formed “PHAL, JYOTISH ABHYAS MANDAL SANSTHA”. It was established on 30th March 1958. The founder member Shri Krishna A Jakatdar donated his place for the office.

The Purpose of the organization is to:

  • To make people enjoy a qualitative human life.

  • To make them (people) aware about astrological knowledge and its importance.

  • Last but not the least for research.

  • The organization is heading towards it golden jubilee.

  • To give scientific look to astrology.

  • To make them understand the importance of it in their life.

  • For the above purpose the organization conducts discussions, debates, conference, meeting.

    We are having the following courses through corresponce:


  • Diploma in Astrology
  • Degree in Astrology
  • Post Graduation in Astrology

    Pham History:

  • Diploma in Pham History.
  • Degree in Pham History
  • Post Graduation in Pham History.

    Masters in Astrology

    Rules and Regulations:

  • Each course is having difference fee.

  • The course materials would be provided four times in a month that 24th times in six months.

  • The monthly materials would be reached till fifth of each month.

  • A questionnaire would be send along with the course books. The answers would be osend back to the institution before the month end.

  • Any queries regarding any topic in course are solved after intimation by the candidate.

  • The exams are held by correspondence itself. The question paper is sent to the candidate, which should be answered and sent to institute before the last specified date.

  • Aptitude test is also conducted.

  • The results would be final without any other changes will be entertained.

  • The candidate passing the exam receive the certificate has to pay separate postal fee for that.

  • While sending any correspondence candidate has to mention the detailed address.

  • For master degree in Pham History and Astrology, as its being a research work another separate correspondence should be done.

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