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"Creating an Era for Eves"

Company Profile

Exclusive fashion wear from Rekha, a lady with excellent style, trend and an urge for designer collections. Completing her BA economics at Madras University in 1992, she sought a career in desigining neither with prior knowledge or background. Only with a glimpse of some of the traditional designs and an eye for artistic modern art, she launched herself into designer garments in 1996 as Rekha's Boutique. She says that it was mere passion and eagerness to achieve her goals that brought her to this level.

With a strong supporting hand from her brother Mr Babu, her husband Mr. Kalyan and her sister Sunitha made Rekha as she is of today. As of the saying "Twinkling stars can be seen once in a blue moon" by Jame-De-Foster, for Rekha's it was success, the only step she climbed.

Extensive designs, style and range of collection attracted customers from USA, CANADA and other european countries. In an exclusive interview Rekha says "I am not satisfied with all designs". This shows Rekha is always on the look out for new designs.

Not only single pieces, even export bulk orders and wholesale orders are also undertaken by Rekha's boutique.

It is only quality and design that makes Rekha's exclusive for Rekha.

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