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Company Profile

RMEC Projects Limited is one of the engineering construction companies in the field of services and contracting secotr; totally market driven, managed by highly qualified professionals and technocrats. It is going places - from one challenging assignment to another from locations in India to those abroad.

Established in 1992 as a private limited company under the provision of Indian Companies Act 1956, having its registered Office in Pune.

RMEC activities encompass projects - concept to commissioning assitance. This includes procrurement, fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning assitance for civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation jobs covering everything of the projects under one roof. For petrochemicals refinery, heavy chemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, cement plants, sugar plants, power plants, atomic power plants, atomic power projects and infrastructure projects with major emphsis on telecom projects. RMEC activities also include overhauling and maintenance of medium and large size industrial plants.

The significant growth of RMEC has been achieved due to its proven skills in advance planning, sound project management, high standard, quality assurance, timely completion, safety conscuiosuness, motivated and dedicated construction manpower with computer knowledge and well maintained construction equipments. RMEC has special expertise in materials management of large projects.

With the rich experience and best of resources lead by highly ambitious and professionally qualified management RMEC with full spirit, best effort and commitment ready to take up challenging projects in the field of civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation projects in India and abroad.

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