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Company Profile

SUHAS R. KALE Company has been in C & FA business since 1977, we have been catering to Khandesh, Marathwada, and Vidharbha area. So since 1978 for M/s. Union Carbide (I) Ltd. and Lipton (I) Ltd. catering to entire South of Maharashtra.

In 1986 M/s.R.V.kale & Sons was established as a proprietory concern, and had taken up M/s. Hindustan Lever Ltd. Raw material C & FA servicing Yeotwal, Kahamgaon and Calcutta factories for raw materials received by us from various suppliers in and aroun Bombay, along with this we are also C & FA of M/s Hindustan Lever Ltd. finished products feeding Thane, Raigad Districts, the C & FA was moved to Nasik by company in 1994, we are given an option to move to nasik but could not move as we were handling various C & FA like Gillette, Ravalgaon, Gabriel group, Huber.

Currently we are in C & F with these companies and servicing areas giving below:

  • 1. M/s Gillette (I) Ltd - (Since 1989):- Catering to Mumbai, Raigad, Ratnagiri, Nasik District, for trade, and Mother depot for western region feeding Indore, Ahmedabad, Nagapur, Pune and Goa Depots in addition, we are Central Stock for Oral care products for all India Depots, and CSD Depots in Mazgaon and Sewree Depots.
  • 2. M/s Luxor Writing Instruments Ltd - (Since 1995):- Catering to Mumbai, Thane, Raigad Districts and entire south of maharashtra.
  • 3. M/s Ravalgaon Sugar farm Ltd - (Since 1992):- For Mumbai, Thane, and Raigad District.
  • 4. M/s Anand Corporate Services Ltd - (Since 1995):- From year 1995 to 2001 servicing entire Maharashtra from Bhiwandi. in yaer 2002 only Mumbai from Mulund Depot.
  • 5. M/s Milton Global Ltd - (Since 1999):- For Mumbai and Thane Districts.
  • 6. M/s Huber Chemical Ltd - (Since 1999):- Receiving Imported Chemicals in Containers and Supplying to Mumbai, Gujarat, Andra, Goa and to various customers as per orders received by the Company.
  • 7. M/s Hindustan Lever Ltd - (Since 1986):- Currently transportation of Raw Materials from Mumbai to Yavatmai factories.

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