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Company Profile

Scandal opened its doors to the women, men and children of the high fashion world on 21st October 94, and since then has been ceaselessly delighting the hearts of an exclusive upmarket clietele which includes the creme de la creme of society.

A team of experts are continually innovating with in-depth research and design to produce the finest line of footwear for discerning tastes.

As a result the client has a multiple choice of shoes via the leather, textures and designs.

Prime Location

Linking Road, an elite shoppers avenue, the ideal location for scandal.

It is just half an hour from the airprot and is situated in the most exclusive area of Mumbai's affluent locality(mostly all the multinational brands are just a stone's throwaway from Scandal)

Designed in an area of 2000 sq ft the shops graceful interiors are designed by Talati Associates which is a true reflection of good taste.

Superior Craftsmanship

Our craftsmen are truly dedicated masters, who pay attention to the smallest details, thoroughly discriminating in their choice of leather quality. Their expertise is backed by years of experience and the latest know-how in shoe making techniques.

The staff include highly skilled craftsmen from the highly educated region of south india which are mainly bangalore and chennai. Each is thoroughly influenced by global standards and the continually innovating leatherware industry.

We have plans to spread wings in the national market. The year 2003 will have 3 more shoe stores of Scandal in Mumbai itself.

Apart from that we should be opening outlets in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune.

The future unfolds an amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship and hitech wizadry. Scandal will be quick to capitalise on such a set up without sacrificing traditional values.

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