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Name: P.S. Sreemathi M.S (GS),MAMS(GS),MCh(TS),MNAMS(CVS)

Field of Specialisation:

Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, neonatal, infant, pediatric and adult cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.

Present Designation:

consultant cardio vascular and thoracic surgery, kanchi kamakoti Child trust hospital Chennai ,K.J Hospital Chennai and Apollo Hospital Chennai. Former retired Additional Professor and Head, Department of Pediatric Cardio thoracic Surgery, Madras Medical College//Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children, chennai 600 018.


Acquired mainly thoracic surgical experience while in Government Erskine Hospital, Madurai. Acquired Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgical experience while in Government General Hospital, Chennai. Has been working in Madras on mainly children below the age of 12 as well as adults. Has been associated with around 600 open cardiac surgical procedures such as:

Congenital Cyanotic and Acyanotic Heart Diseases

ASD, VSD, AV canal defects, TOF, transposition of great vessels etc.

Vascular Diseases

Valvotomies, mitral and aortic valvular replacements and valve repair including annuloplasties myxomas.

Over 1300 closed heart surgical procedures including closed mitral valvotomies, ligation or division and suture of patent ductus arteriosus, palliative shunts for cyanotic diseases.

Pulmonary Surgery

Over 800 lung resections, lobectomies and segmental resections for suppurative lung diseases and tumours. About 200 of them were mainly on children.

Oesophageal Surgery

Around 200 Oesophageal resections for oesophageal malignancies, colpoplasty for stricture oesophagus, hiatus hernia, achalasia, cardia, diverticulum of oesophagus.

Mediastinum and Chest Wall

Around 300 mediastinal tumours and chest wall tumours and management of cold abscesses etc.


Around 200 constrictive pericarditis and pyopericardium have been managed.


Around 200 diaphraghmatic hernia repair. Thoracic outlet syndrome etc. have been managed. Pacemaker implantation have been done both temporary and permanent

Emergency Surgery

This includes blunt and penetration injury to the chest wall, lung, heart diaphragm, peripheral arteries etc. associated with 10,000 injuries.

Vascular Surgery

Management of aortic arteritis, renal artery stenosis, reconstruction of peripheral arteries with grafts, management of aortic aneurysms and construction of peripheral arterio venous fistulae for dialysis etc. Embolectomies. Involved in Vascular anastoamosis of 250-kidney transplantations.

Total Surgeries Done So far

  • 1988-98: 2300 surgeries on neonates, infants and children less than 12 years.

  • 2001: 3333, 2002:3500

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