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Company Profile

Surya Hospital was established in the year 1994. We started as outpatient department and now have established ourselves into thirty five bedded multi speciality hospital. We have the best maintained operation theatre, infertility services, gynacecological problems services and conduct painless normal delivery.

We have seperate division for all males, male infertility, STD, Urology etc.

Other Specialities: Plastic surgery, ENT, Accident and Trauma care, blood transfusions and related diseases, opthalmic surgeries, onco surgeries(cancer therapy), cautery for removal of unwanted warty growths and skin tags.

Other Services - Diagnostic: Scan, X-ray, Automatic testing, biochemical studies, endoscopy, laproscopic correction, and fully omputerised pharmacy functioning. Days and night services for all emergency cases, accident and trauma care service. Tubal recanalisation surgery for people who had undergone tubectomy, artificial insemination, assisted conception, plastic surgery for reduction of weight, facial correction, nosh shape correction, breast reconstruction and alteration, lipectomy, liposuction etc. Thyroid surgery, gall bladder surgery, hernial repair. PFR done for roomy vaginae. This means the vaginal hole is corrected for people with roomy vagina and for people with multiple deliveries. Kidney stone removal, urinary bladder, stone removal etc.

Specific Speciality

Scarless Surgery for cases of hysterctomy (Uterus Removal) and prostrate removal.

This is a very rare method and modern method of removing the diseased uterus in females and also the prostrate in males.

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