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Vasanthi Medical Center: Women and Children Hospital with a Difference

Located at Pycrofts Garden Road, a stone's throw from Shastri Bhavan and next door to the famous landmark "the erstwhile" Willingdon hospital is this hospital with the difference. Why? The reader could ask! This is possibly the only hospital set up for perinatology and neonatology, may be in this country but definitely in Chinnai. What does that mean to a layperson. It simply means around the time of birth and just after birth. This was initially set up as an exclusive high-tech hospital for newborns with problems. It has a tertiary care neonatal intensive care unit which is manned by qualified pediatricians under a senior neonatologist round the clock. The word tertiary referes to infants born with less than 1 kg weight. There are not more than a couple of hospitals in this city that have units like this. And not many know that, even amongst doctors! That is because this center has not publicized such facilities. And there are lies the difference.

If there is autumn, spring will follow as the saying goes. Where will be the children without their mothers? Yes, this hospital has excellent obstetrics and gynaecology dept with some of the finest and experienced consultants available. The modern keyhole surgery techniques, what is called "laproscopic procedures" are routinely done. There is more to Vasnthi Medical Center. The hospital also boasts of facilities for eye, dental, medical and ENT depts, looked after by very senior specialists in the field giving it a rounded edge. The operating theater and recovery rooms are seen to be believed. One does not come across such large facilities even in more well known hospitals. The outpatient area is large. Cramping is not the style here. There are of course, the laboratory, pharmacy and X-ray facilities which match the infrastructure. Though the hospital is not "dicted", there is excellent canteen facility. Arrangements are available to get the food the patient demands, from a 5 star if need be. Someone from the administration said jokingly "the effort is to get even a night show cinema ticket to the attendant if sought"

There is more to Vasanthi Medical Center. This place was started in memory of Vasanthi daughter of Mr. M.S. Sethu, a senior advocate. It is to fulfill the wishes of his daughter, Mr. Sethu built this hospital after demolishing his palatial residence fulfilling his daughter's wishes that this hospital should come up in Chennai. She was married to a paediatrician in USA. It is a centrally air-conditioned hospital with well-appointed rooms and very good nursing care. With Willingdon Hospital gone, Pycrofts Garden Road would not feel the difference with Vasanthi taking tis place in nursing car.

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